All I know is I need to write.

I honestly have no idea what I’m going to write about or if anyone would even be interested in reading it but all I know is I’m going to write and just see where this takes me.

I’m a black southern woman born in New Orleans. I like to make that clear because a black woman in CA. ain’t raised like a black woman in the south. It’s not bad, we are just very different. Honestly, a black woman in MS. is different from a black woman in New Orleans.

I’m married with 3 daughters and 2 dogs. I’m more than sure that I will write about all of them at some point. As well as my other family because in the south your first best friend is your cousin that you see at your grandmother’s house for the summer and if you are lucky enough you can stay in touch with them and raise your kids together.

I work at a bookstore on a street in New Orleans that was known as a place where locals could go and hear great music but after Katrina it has turned into Bourbon St. lil Sister. So many tourist that you can hardly walk down the street some days. I’m more than sure I will write about all the colorful people that are neighborhood regulars. As I write this I’m in the bookstore and I stopped writing to talk to a man that came to New Orleans in the 70’s before I was born and has never left. I love talking to him and all of the other beautiful artists that I’ve gotten to know since working here. It’s like I get to be in a secret club that I didn’t know anything about but it’s always been here.

I love to travel. I lived in France for 2 years and I learned so much about America once I was on the outside looking in. This place is such a baby compared to the rest of the world so I’m not sure how others turn to the USA for guidance.

I guess this is enough of an introduction for my first post. I hope this goes well.



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Middle aged black woman that is trying her had at writing. I'm married with 3 girls. I'm sure I can come up with at least one good story.